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Thanks for visiting our website. Listed below are the times, days and areas covered by our Short-wave Radio program. Our short-wave program is broadcast by the World Wide Christian Radio (WWCR) station in Nashville, TN. Our weekly "Living In Christ" program can be heard as listed below:
  • Short-wave: World Wide Christian Radio (WWCR) at: 5.0704.840 MHz at 7:00pm CST on Sunday Evening. Broadcast targets N. and S. America.

Our RADIO ARCHIVE section contains Radio programs that have aired in the past several years. They are in MP-3 Audio format and can be listened to or downloaded if you like. There is no cost for downloading.

Free program CDs can be received by contacting us in the following ways: you can telephone us at 501-316-0136, or you're welcome to write to us at: Community Church of God, 3753 Quail Lane, Benton, AR. 72019, or email: If you are requesting a CD, please give us the number and date of the program along with your return address. We welcome any questions or comments you would like to make as well!


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